Speir is a visionary at creating concepts including nightclubs, restaurants, and technology experiences, that have proven to entertain millions of people around the world. With over thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry including nightclubs, restaurants, events, radio, and TV production. Robert started designing sound, video and lighting systems for nightclubs in 1985.
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Hip-Hop Channel

Breakdown to the beats of Hip Hop and its multiple sub-genres via our wide selection of the latest, hottest and old school. The turntables are ready!

Circuit Party Channel

You look fabulous, your outfit in on point, your friends are gathering and the venue is ready to be filled with an army of hotness.

Caribbean Channel

The SpeirTV Caribbean Channel presents a new age of live streaming music and Caribbean entertainment.

EDM Global Channel

Ready for some jumpin and thumpin? Because we are! Make your way to the dance floor with our industry-leading selection of EDM music.

Phoenix 1 LGBTQ Channel

The Phoenix One LGBTQ Global Channel presents a new age of live streaming music and LGBTQ entertainment. A high-tech LGBTQ Live Streaming Channel that expands..

DJ Speir

Always with a strong passion for music and entertaining people, the “club bug” officially hooked him in 1980 when a friend took him to First Avenue, a club in Minneapolis, MN, in 20 degree below zero weather

Nick Holmsten Ex-Spotify Exec Unveils Multi-Billion Dollar Plan for a ‘Disneyland for Music’ in Times Square

A little over a year since leaving his post as Spotify's global head of music, Nick Holmstén has revealed his next move.

Drake – Laugh Now Cry Later (Official Lyric Video) ft. Lil Durk Lyrics

Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry but I guess you know now Baby I took a half and she took the whole thing slow down Baby We took a