Park Avenue Dallas, TX

Park Avenue

Park Avenue bills itself as an “ultra-venue.” The folks at Park Avenue pay attention to the details and their customers. This is a sophisticated club that cares less about the age of their patrons and more about their level of enjoyment. Regardless of who you are, you will experience their hospitality. Come to Park Avenue for a cocktail, their happy hour buffet, and of course, great hip hop music.

Dress Code Policy Change:

Denim Friendly
With over 1100 members it is our goal to accommodate as many of our
members’ needs as possible. When surveyed, you our membership, spoke
overwhelmingly about the need for a more relaxed dress code for the

We are pleased to let you know that we have made an experimental
alteration to our dress code which will allow dark denim to be worn at the
club. Some of our members feel that this may detract from the elegance of the
club under concern that people will arrive in sloppy attire, which we hope
will not be the case now that dark denim is allowed.

Please note that we still expect that our members and guests will continue to uphold proper attire and will be mindful of the high standards that you as members would want to
maintain. This experimental change in policy will apply for the remainder of
the year ending in December at which time, its impact will be reviewed and a
final decision for the dress code policy will be made.

This is an issue that many private clubs are faced with and we have attached an article for your
information to the left from the Wall Street Journal as well as provided the
revised dress code policy below. We are always open to your feedback and
will look forward to hearing from you.


Appropriate attire is required at all times throughout the Club. Jackets are not
required but are preferred on the main level of the Club. Collared shirts are
required at all times for gentlemen. Dark denim is permitted at all times, however, must be free of holes, tears, and fraying. Sneakers, shorts, tee-shirts
and “flip flops” are strictly prohibited unless advertised by Management for
a special event. It is the responsibility of each member to inform his or her
guest of the proper dress code of Park Avenue Club.
-Park Avenue Club Management

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DJ Speir

Always with a strong passion for music and entertaining people, the “club bug” officially hooked him in 1980 when a friend took him to First Avenue, a club in Minneapolis, MN, in 20 degree below zero weather


For Solomun, music isn’t just a tool to make people dance. Music is as diverse as life itself: many different shades, moments, and memories to be made.


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