Underdogs A documentary about hip-hop culture

Before filming the hip-hop documentary Underdogs, French film-maker Téo Frank was better known for shooting extreme sports films and collaborating with stars like Serena Williams. But a chance meeting with music manager Mason Strehl at an Alaskan petrol station while on holiday changed everything. Strehl told Frank about a group of underground hip-hop artists signed to Portland, Maine, record label Don’t Sleep, transfixing the French visitor.

Inspired by the story around this supportive network of rappers and producers, 18-year-old Frank spent the next two years following Awon, Phoniks, Tiff The Gift, and Dephlow, capturing their drive to succeed on their own terms and the hard work they put into supporting their community. Underdogs are the award-winning document of that journey.

Watch Underdogs A documentary about hip-hop here

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